SistaHood Life Support Services

helps Sistas find healing, wholeness

and love again!

  • Housing Support

    • award up to three (3) months of mortgage or rental payments

    • will award up to two (2) months of security deposit

    • will award food gift cards, temporary housing or assist with finding permanent housing

    • will award 30% toward electric, gas and/or fuel oil to prevent utility shut offs

    • will assist with minor housing repairs

    • will offer financial planning and debt resolution


    ******All awards are subject to fund availability******

  • Emotional Support

    • conduct call-ins/check on a Sista (emotional checkups)

    • will conduct SistaHood Support Groups (Sistas are encouraged to talk openly about their experience of divorce)

    • Facilitators/guest speakers will guide all discussions that promote forgiveness, healing and  being made whole again

    • will host Celebrating Life outings and events

    • help with childcare needs

  • Spiritual Support:

    •Spiritual leaders/facilitators will share the Word of God as it relates to forgiveness, healing, and wholeness

    •Spiritual leaders/facilitators will encourage Sistas to love themselves and others again!


  • Wellness/Fitness Support:

    • Sistas will learn how to take care of themselves first

    • Sistas will learn how to develop healthy eating habits through proper dieting and exercise

    • Sistas will learn to enjoy "Me Time" that promotes skin, hair, and nail care

    • Sistas will enjoy fashion design, makeup application, beauty tips, and much much more!


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Fax: 203-903-5227



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